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Event Schedule
Course Map
Hotel Reservation
Tournament Format and Rules
1.  Each team is allowed to bring 5 official runners and 2 unattached
     runners (per gender team).
2.  Unattached runner may not substitute and/or alternate any official
     runner once the official roster is turned in.
3.  All runners must arrive accompanied by a coach.
4.  All runners must sign a waiver form and medical power of  
5.  All participants must be enrolled in grades 9-12.  Students who
     have been inrolled in more than eight semesters of high school
     are ineligible to compete.
6.  To qualify for the OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP, a school must
      have a full team of five male and five female athletes.
1.  For the 5k race, the first four finishers on a team of five will score. 
     The fifth runner will retain his/her position and push the following   
     runners back in the standings.  A team with four runners will also
     be scored for this race.
2.  Any team with less than four athletes will not be score for the
     race.  However, he/she may be eligible for individual award.
3.  Unattached runners will not be eligible to score or receive any
     individual award.
4.  Ties will be broken in favor of the team with the fourth runner who
      places best.  
1.  Result will be determines based upon the combined placing in the
     Boy's Team, Girl's Team, and Team Relay.
2.  For scoring purposes, the rankings of any team not qualified for
     the overall championship will be drop. 
3.  The tie-breaker will be the teams' placing in the relay race. 
  In the example below, school “A” wins because of the higher ranking in the relay.


                           School A                  School B                 School C


           Men’s Race                     1                                 2                           3

           Women’s Race                3                                 1                           2

           Relay                              1                                 2                           3


           Total                                5                                5                           8

1.  The top 15 will be given the ALL-ISLAND AWARD.
2.  The top 3 Boys Team and Girls Team will receive trophies.
3.  The top 3 Relay Team will receive trophies.
4.  The top 3 Overall Team will recieve tropihies.